31 May 2013


This time around I have been out all day lately. My friends from both high school and college both have their birth dates on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of May. Being like so, my group of friends decided to come out and bond together.

On the 29th, I was with my high school friends. Believe it or not we call ourselves, JP. It seems so weird if people see our posts and text messages to one another when we call ourselves JP. Well, to give a brief reason for this matter, my friends had this certain crush on someone who looks like Jun Pyo of Boys over Flowers, if I am not mistaken and call him Jun Pyo at broadcast when we talk about him so that people will not know. Soon, we switched it to JP to cover up the "Jun Pyo" thing because others might be able to guess that we were talking about this guy. And soon enough we called ourselves as such all because they are too dedicated to the person. hahaha!!

Anyway, here are some pics from the out last 29th.

birthday girl, Keith Pajares :)

I had a phone call and...

they were teasing me by this. :))

Ghosts at Yellow Cab!! :)) *scary?

Birthday Girl, Mica Atienza! :)

May 30, and my college friends decided to celebrate 2 of my friends birthday again.

Birthday girl, Anne Ramsey! :))

Birthday girl, Gia Viray! :)) The one in Black.

Happy Happy Happy Happy, Birthday to my frenies, Mica, Anne, Keith and Gia! Hope you all had a great day on your special day~

Bloggers United 5 tomorrow at SMX Convention Center, Function Hall 3, 10 am! See you guys there!! 


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