29 May 2013

JAG Origins for PFW

It has been two days now since the end of Philippine Fashion Week and I somehow still can't get over the experience of being there. It was just like a fantasy to me, all because I have always been dreaming to be part of it and see a real fashion show in front of me. Add Nina Garcia and Sarah Meier to the list. It was just a bomb.

What I wore. 

Nina Garcia!! >.<

Over! I didn't know Sarah was going to be the host. It shocked me!

This was one of my favourites from Norman Noriega's collection. However, I don't get why they walk so fast. It was so hard not to get a blurred photo from this event. :/

One of my favorites too, I just love the details. Plus, it is so wearable! I can wear it on any formal occasion.

I really love this shot of mine. Plus the blue color of the lights. A little biased. :))

Nina with Norman. :)

Just look at Nina's face. She's so cute! ^^ I so love her.

Upcoming group photos!! 

We got to see Reese Lansangan before the event so we had to take the opportunity! I can't fix the arrangement of the photos sorry about that, my browser is having problems, but Reese is the one with pink hair. :)

I hope to get invites again for the next fashion week! *cross fingers* I'll end this post here for I shall be leaving soon to meet my friends.. till the next post. :)


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