03 June 2013

Night Black

Classes are soon to evade me on the 10th and yesterday I encoded my schedule over at my cousins house. After doing so, my cousin, sisters and I had nothing to do so we decided to go for a stroll. I had my outfit shot even if darkness has conquered.

Black Skull Dress: from Binan
Watch : Supersale Bazaar
Necklace: V&V sisters at BU5
Shoes: from Raleene Cabrera at BU5


BU5 Finds

My one and only purpose to come to Blogger's United 5 was to take photographs with my favourite bloggers and get to talk to them even for a bit, but along with that of course was the aim to be able to buy something to add to my wardrobe.

Heels from Releen :)

Urbandub shirt again from Releen :)

Dress that I forgot whom I bought it from >.<

Flats from Vern :)

I just noticed most of the stuff I bought was of the color black! >.< What's with me? Usually I get the colorful ones.. Oh well, I guess something new is not bad at all.~


Black on a Sunday

It was a Sunday and we rushed going to Batangas to meet some relatives right after going to mass.

Another photo diary awaits you if you scroll down, hahaha. ~

Bow. (I don't know why I was in this position. XD )

I look weird here. :))

Going to and fro from Laguna to Batangas was fun. How fun? I slept while we were travelling by car!! :)))) Saya ko lang~ XD

Stay tuned for the next blog  posts.. :)


BU5 Aftermath

Blogger's United 5 has just passed and I would want to share to you a photo diary of the event.

This post consists mostly of myself and the different bloggers I met. I just had to take a photo of them with myself as a remembrance :)) Too sad I was not able to take one with Camille Co, Divine Lee, Gelo Arucan, and Paul Chuapoco. #mejfail

Came to SMX with these guys. From left to right: My high school friends, Caila, Aira, and Keith. My sisters and cousin, Geli, Airam, Pauline, and Sam

And dada~ this is my new hair color now :) tho, it only looks this way when under sunlight. :))

Mikyle Quizon

Tracy Ayson, whom I won a pass from for BU5.

Verniece and Vern Enciso

Cheyser Pedregosa

Lissa Kahayon, who checked the first photo we took together and fixed her hair after and requested another one. :))
Ang kulit lang.

Maggie Wilson

One of my fave people at Bloggers United, Reese Lansangan. :")

The ever kalog, Aisa Ipac. ^^

Sarah Tirona, who I almost didn't spot because of her cap. I won 2 passes from her too <3

Bea Benedicto, my new found blogger just days ago, kulit ng reviews niya on horror films. :)))

Joseph Cham, who gave away passes thru twitter, pero kahit anong gawin ko I just can't win. :/ </3 Tapos sabaw pa siya when I asked him to sign my notebook. :)))

David Guison, who was so down to earth. ^^

Melai Entuna

Marj Sia

Kryz Uy, she looks so sleepy with her make up and I look like someone who just got a second from her to get a picture, which was true :))) there were so much people around her kasi.. :))) There was this huge poster-slash-standee behind me pa and I was wearing a back pack pa >.<

As my friend said, Kelly Medina was tall and he really was! :))

Arnie Villanueva, my forever bias blogger. 

Krissy Cruz

Aivan Magno, whom I thought his phone was a legit camera! :)) Didn't get to take a picture with his brother, sayang :/ cutie din his brotha kaya!! :))

The ever talented, Ana Gonzales!

Laureen Uy, who we saw on the way down the escalator and followed up with the other escalator that was opposite the one we first had and called her name for her to look at us and have a fast picture taking with her, harharhar.
The people at BU5, said Laureen was caught up before she went in the Function Room. I guess it was my fault for catching up with her and asking to have a photo together. :)))

Alyssa Lapid, who's birthday was yest! Happy Birthday again Alyssa!! <3

Were you there?I hope we saw each other. ;))