18 November 2013

Orange, that's the color for the day!

Currently, I have been very busy with school and other things a bit related. It has been long since I last posted outfit shots, so here is one.

Went out to do some grocery for my mom and was brought along by my sister who took my outfit shots for this. 

Hello to bandages! :)) I slipped while jogging on wet rough cemented flooring and got myself big wounds from the accident. :/ Dumb me. So, I decided to wear this long skirt to somehow cover my big bruises on both knees..

Did the shots for this on a closed and well lit boutique. 

I look thin here! hahaha!! So proud of myself. Chos!

On me:
Orange owl designed top | Thrifted
Beige skirt | Thrifted
Sequined shoes | Human
Necklace | my mom's
Flesh Braided Bracelet | Anything Handmade
Beaded Bracelets | from Divisoria

Anddd, hello to my photographer Pauline De Los Reyes~ :)

Pauline... sorry for the not so good shot, hahahhaa!!

Being very busy this term.. 
Till the next


13 November 2013

PFW S/S2014: Ben Farrales

A very impressive backdrop from the Dean of Philippine Fashion, Ben Farrales.
The succeeding photographs are the only ones I find the best of the best. :)) Forgot to take photographs for the others, maybe in awe or most probably because I am tired already from the first 2 shows taking photographs with a heavy cam. Most of the shots are taken by my sister. Thanks to her I have photos for this. hahahaha~

 I so love it how this part of the collection looks so modern compared to the others but those "ancient" pieces are just so precious and really worth watching till the end, and more.

Ben Farrales' pieces just showcase how rich the culture of the Philippines was in the old days and the materials he used were of no joke to tell you. Also, being able to see it up close, brings back feels of the past as if the clothes were brought back to life in the old days. Being accompanied with an audio, I believe it created more drama, no, it should not be I believe, the audio really did the trick to bring more drama to the clothes while it was being walked on the runway.

 This all back view was so hilarious for me. Considering the fact that these were the only ones I and my sister got to get a shot of for the models seem to be in such a hurry! hahaha!!~ 

Can you see how intricate the gold lace is? So precious, looks so glamorous and rich. Still has that vibrant color even if it is more than 20 years old. Plus the Maria Clara vibe is still in existence. 

It is truly such a privilege to have his collections be in a row like this with good ambient light. It was totally a blast seeing it so up close, with my point of view coming from the farthest back. However, I kind of find the cam setting for this one a bit fail. Maybe because of the lights inside. Actually there weren't any lights inside! :)) Black out, only the runway has lights on it (of course), as you can notice from the photos above. 

Anyway, an outfit post on the next.~


PFW S/S2014: Grand Allure

Made my own title banner for this. Para GRAND! :))

Again, I combined my shots for easy upload for this is quite a number...

Just a set of photos ahead...

I only chose pictures that aren't blurry and of the best quality, at least and the probably well composed ones. The models walk so fast it was hard to even get a single good whole body shot. Add the heads of the people below me, it was such a struggle! :))

I supahh, love the headdress and hairstyle of this photo above and the one below~

And super bet the removal of the veil, it is blurry but oh well, it looks good for me. Super get the movement! *Major LOVE*

Yet, I love how this three photos combined itself..

This show was just a blast of all grandiose, glam, and luxury. I love it that women can be able to wear these all by Spring Summer 2014! :) Hope I can be able wear a piece myself. Tho, still dumbfounded if ever I get one to where I will be wearing one of these :))

Last installment of the SS2014 Sunday show on my next post.
It will be Ben Farrales' time!
Till the next.


12 November 2013

What I am now into...

I know I promised I would be posting the other 2 shows I went to for Philippine Fashion Week but I want to post this first so, hahaha!! Just skip this if you wish.. :)

So, as my title states, this post is for what I am into right now. Currently, I don't know if you guys are aware, there have been so many books that are published which the stories came from a site called Wattpad. Wattpad is a community where people can share and post their stories online and read and be read. The Website wattpad.com, which is based in Toronto, Canada has now reached millions of aspiring writers and book worms who have now started reading online and even in the Philippines wattpad had made its mark.

I have been a reader of wattpad for I don't know when and when suddenly my favorite stories are put down and the authors have been saying they have a surprise for their readers soon as their written and posted stories will be turned into books, it was just so over whelming to hear.

Now, I don't know if I could call it a collection but so far, I have 7 books of stories from wattpad. Three (3) of them is a single story that is chopped in to a number of books for it to be more appealing to the readers I guess, since it will turn out cheaper if it is thinner. The rest are single story books. These popular fictions are invading National Bookstore, currently Diary ng Panget being the bestseller in all the branches and the me is having a hard time to get a copy because whenever I drop by the books are always sold out.

I know that if you will be counting this it will sum up to 9 books. The other 2 books, namely What's in your Heart and The Kpop Star and I are just some of the popular fiction I am into right now. I have been eyeing on some other books which I have not checked the synopsis yet but I have this feeling that I will like it. There are also some books that I wanted to buy but I have already read and would not want to have a copy at all because the cover sucks! Hahaha, so mean of me.

Anyway, as you can see, I already have Diary ng Panget 1, 2 and 3 and the fourth book is still pending. I am still waiting for the deliveries and for book 4 to be available. Actually, the book 3 was such a present for me today. There is a book fair in school today and DNP3 was sitting there on the rack for me to get! But unluckily book 4 was nowhere to be found. :( No stocks daw. I can't wait to get a copy! 

To confess, I have already read Dairy ng Panget in wattpad and I still bought the book to know if there was alterations, and fair enough there really was. I kind of don't like the "shorter version" of it, equating to the book, but still want to have a hard copy of the story for myself, just for story reminiscing. By the way, I heard that DNP will be having a movie to be released this Feb 2014. Not absolutely sure if the rumor is true tho.

Try reading these stories too, you'll find it entertaining and it is an easy read so for the not so book worms you can truly relate easily and most of the stories released coming from wattpad are I think more entertaining because they are in the Philippine context.


PFW S/S2014: Menswear

I know this post is long over due, but I'll post it anyway. LOL. However, before I even do that I would want to make kwento first. So, how did I get the invite? I was skimming through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as other fashion bloggers sites and luckily I saw a link posted in the Fb page of Philippine Fashion Week that you would just have to go to this certain link they were spreading and fill up the info and you might get the chance of a lifetime for an invite!

And so I waited. Then, one day, hahaha, I received an email from PFW that I got invites for the Menswear show on a Sunday. I was kinda half broken to confess, all because I had only one invite. I had no friends that I could tag along or anything so I was actually thinking twice about this, upon going or not of course. On the contrary, Sunday came. I was using the internet thru my phone early in the morning to check my IG, then my gmail made a pop-up sound telling me I had a new mail. Thinking that it was for my thesis, I opened it and dodong!~ I got another 4 invites for 2 shows. Meaning, 2 invites per show.

I asked my sister to come tag along which she did not think much of, and just said yes to me and we went right after lunch. Good thing the invites that I got were all on a Sunday, all on the same location, and was one after the other so I was just like going in and out of the cinema for breaks!

But without further ado, I would want to start of with posting the first show my sister and I went to... the Menswear collection.

The photos you'll be seeing is the best that I can take! :)) Most of my shots are blurry or has so bad angles and stuff. I just collated the photos because I find them too hard to upload. :)

But don't you think it is much better this way?

Whooopp! Spotted. Ely Buendia. 
Good thing I had my long range on and had this shot from across the runway!

I honestly don't know who this guy is but he seems familiar and the styling done here was daebak
A/N: Daebak is a Korean word meaning something like awesome, great success or a big win.

To sum the whole show with the designs for the Spring Summer collection of 2014, Menswear, I find it kind of worth wanting as a girl. It is like, if I would have a guy friend or a lover who would be wearing these, it would be truly amazing seeing them in it. However, as a girl, I also find myself wearing some of the pieces. It is like the clothes can be worked out by women as well and revamp it to be fashionable for girls too. Nevertheless, being a girl watching the show for men, I would have to rate it at 7/10.

Next posts will be the other two shows my sister and I went to after the Menswear show.


07 November 2013

Learn from Experiments!

I know I have mentioned that I take outfit shots every once in a while and never post them anywhere, but now I remember I do pala. hahaha!! Sorry.. And yeah, I have been posting them in my Instagram account, where you can find tons of my selfies and some shiz.

Anyway, this post is dedicated for my outfit shot last Sunday.

That awkward pose from me! hahaha!! :))

Experimental: Wore black socks to make it look like I was wearing high cut booties. 

On me:
Knitted Black Top | Thrifted
Red Detachable Collar | Bought from Divisoria
Red Skirt | Thrifted
Shoes | Call It Spring
Bangle | Bloggers United 5

If you have noticed, I had my hair chopped of like around 5 inches all because my hair got damaged by this certain hair product I used. (Decolor) I placed it on my hair for like 4 hours and it was just supposed to be like around an hour. So yeah! I damaged my hair without me knowing it. Now I am just waiting for my hair to grow. Hahaha! So, till the next! 


October Shiz

I confess that I have long been out since my last post. So, what have I been doing? A photo diary ahead! :)

Certainly, I just bummed around and got fat! hahaha, and too, I decided to color my tips green.

Went out with my sisters and relatives, just to bond and shop.

Experimented with my camera, but this one is still a fail. Will perfect this soon. hahaha, when is that? :)

Started gathering data for our thesis. 

Bonded with friends... which were tiring at the very least.

Of course did the ever traditional mirror reflection picture, once in a while.

Found a new lovey couple. LOL, CL and GDragon. (photo grabbed from the net)

Did some reminiscing. I personally want to go on a trip again!

Also, went fangirling as a hobby, hahaha, to my fave kpop bands. *bow*

Did lots of selfie shots too, with pa-cute poses. hahah

Bonded with my high school friends, now every Wednesday. 

And last but not the least I still did outfit shots, but never posted them anywhere. :))

And there you have it. Basically that was what I have been doing in the past weeks or months that I haven't been posting. Also, another post to be up some time soon, regarding my adventure with my sister in the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014.