07 November 2013

Learn from Experiments!

I know I have mentioned that I take outfit shots every once in a while and never post them anywhere, but now I remember I do pala. hahaha!! Sorry.. And yeah, I have been posting them in my Instagram account, where you can find tons of my selfies and some shiz.

Anyway, this post is dedicated for my outfit shot last Sunday.

That awkward pose from me! hahaha!! :))

Experimental: Wore black socks to make it look like I was wearing high cut booties. 

On me:
Knitted Black Top | Thrifted
Red Detachable Collar | Bought from Divisoria
Red Skirt | Thrifted
Shoes | Call It Spring
Bangle | Bloggers United 5

If you have noticed, I had my hair chopped of like around 5 inches all because my hair got damaged by this certain hair product I used. (Decolor) I placed it on my hair for like 4 hours and it was just supposed to be like around an hour. So yeah! I damaged my hair without me knowing it. Now I am just waiting for my hair to grow. Hahaha! So, till the next! 


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