07 November 2013

October Shiz

I confess that I have long been out since my last post. So, what have I been doing? A photo diary ahead! :)

Certainly, I just bummed around and got fat! hahaha, and too, I decided to color my tips green.

Went out with my sisters and relatives, just to bond and shop.

Experimented with my camera, but this one is still a fail. Will perfect this soon. hahaha, when is that? :)

Started gathering data for our thesis. 

Bonded with friends... which were tiring at the very least.

Of course did the ever traditional mirror reflection picture, once in a while.

Found a new lovey couple. LOL, CL and GDragon. (photo grabbed from the net)

Did some reminiscing. I personally want to go on a trip again!

Also, went fangirling as a hobby, hahaha, to my fave kpop bands. *bow*

Did lots of selfie shots too, with pa-cute poses. hahah

Bonded with my high school friends, now every Wednesday. 

And last but not the least I still did outfit shots, but never posted them anywhere. :))

And there you have it. Basically that was what I have been doing in the past weeks or months that I haven't been posting. Also, another post to be up some time soon, regarding my adventure with my sister in the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014.


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