18 November 2013

Orange, that's the color for the day!

Currently, I have been very busy with school and other things a bit related. It has been long since I last posted outfit shots, so here is one.

Went out to do some grocery for my mom and was brought along by my sister who took my outfit shots for this. 

Hello to bandages! :)) I slipped while jogging on wet rough cemented flooring and got myself big wounds from the accident. :/ Dumb me. So, I decided to wear this long skirt to somehow cover my big bruises on both knees..

Did the shots for this on a closed and well lit boutique. 

I look thin here! hahaha!! So proud of myself. Chos!

On me:
Orange owl designed top | Thrifted
Beige skirt | Thrifted
Sequined shoes | Human
Necklace | my mom's
Flesh Braided Bracelet | Anything Handmade
Beaded Bracelets | from Divisoria

Anddd, hello to my photographer Pauline De Los Reyes~ :)

Pauline... sorry for the not so good shot, hahahhaa!!

Being very busy this term.. 
Till the next


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