13 November 2013

PFW S/S2014: Ben Farrales

A very impressive backdrop from the Dean of Philippine Fashion, Ben Farrales.
The succeeding photographs are the only ones I find the best of the best. :)) Forgot to take photographs for the others, maybe in awe or most probably because I am tired already from the first 2 shows taking photographs with a heavy cam. Most of the shots are taken by my sister. Thanks to her I have photos for this. hahahaha~

 I so love it how this part of the collection looks so modern compared to the others but those "ancient" pieces are just so precious and really worth watching till the end, and more.

Ben Farrales' pieces just showcase how rich the culture of the Philippines was in the old days and the materials he used were of no joke to tell you. Also, being able to see it up close, brings back feels of the past as if the clothes were brought back to life in the old days. Being accompanied with an audio, I believe it created more drama, no, it should not be I believe, the audio really did the trick to bring more drama to the clothes while it was being walked on the runway.

 This all back view was so hilarious for me. Considering the fact that these were the only ones I and my sister got to get a shot of for the models seem to be in such a hurry! hahaha!!~ 

Can you see how intricate the gold lace is? So precious, looks so glamorous and rich. Still has that vibrant color even if it is more than 20 years old. Plus the Maria Clara vibe is still in existence. 

It is truly such a privilege to have his collections be in a row like this with good ambient light. It was totally a blast seeing it so up close, with my point of view coming from the farthest back. However, I kind of find the cam setting for this one a bit fail. Maybe because of the lights inside. Actually there weren't any lights inside! :)) Black out, only the runway has lights on it (of course), as you can notice from the photos above. 

Anyway, an outfit post on the next.~


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