13 November 2013

PFW S/S2014: Grand Allure

Made my own title banner for this. Para GRAND! :))

Again, I combined my shots for easy upload for this is quite a number...

Just a set of photos ahead...

I only chose pictures that aren't blurry and of the best quality, at least and the probably well composed ones. The models walk so fast it was hard to even get a single good whole body shot. Add the heads of the people below me, it was such a struggle! :))

I supahh, love the headdress and hairstyle of this photo above and the one below~

And super bet the removal of the veil, it is blurry but oh well, it looks good for me. Super get the movement! *Major LOVE*

Yet, I love how this three photos combined itself..

This show was just a blast of all grandiose, glam, and luxury. I love it that women can be able to wear these all by Spring Summer 2014! :) Hope I can be able wear a piece myself. Tho, still dumbfounded if ever I get one to where I will be wearing one of these :))

Last installment of the SS2014 Sunday show on my next post.
It will be Ben Farrales' time!
Till the next.


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