12 November 2013

PFW S/S2014: Menswear

I know this post is long over due, but I'll post it anyway. LOL. However, before I even do that I would want to make kwento first. So, how did I get the invite? I was skimming through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as other fashion bloggers sites and luckily I saw a link posted in the Fb page of Philippine Fashion Week that you would just have to go to this certain link they were spreading and fill up the info and you might get the chance of a lifetime for an invite!

And so I waited. Then, one day, hahaha, I received an email from PFW that I got invites for the Menswear show on a Sunday. I was kinda half broken to confess, all because I had only one invite. I had no friends that I could tag along or anything so I was actually thinking twice about this, upon going or not of course. On the contrary, Sunday came. I was using the internet thru my phone early in the morning to check my IG, then my gmail made a pop-up sound telling me I had a new mail. Thinking that it was for my thesis, I opened it and dodong!~ I got another 4 invites for 2 shows. Meaning, 2 invites per show.

I asked my sister to come tag along which she did not think much of, and just said yes to me and we went right after lunch. Good thing the invites that I got were all on a Sunday, all on the same location, and was one after the other so I was just like going in and out of the cinema for breaks!

But without further ado, I would want to start of with posting the first show my sister and I went to... the Menswear collection.

The photos you'll be seeing is the best that I can take! :)) Most of my shots are blurry or has so bad angles and stuff. I just collated the photos because I find them too hard to upload. :)

But don't you think it is much better this way?

Whooopp! Spotted. Ely Buendia. 
Good thing I had my long range on and had this shot from across the runway!

I honestly don't know who this guy is but he seems familiar and the styling done here was daebak
A/N: Daebak is a Korean word meaning something like awesome, great success or a big win.

To sum the whole show with the designs for the Spring Summer collection of 2014, Menswear, I find it kind of worth wanting as a girl. It is like, if I would have a guy friend or a lover who would be wearing these, it would be truly amazing seeing them in it. However, as a girl, I also find myself wearing some of the pieces. It is like the clothes can be worked out by women as well and revamp it to be fashionable for girls too. Nevertheless, being a girl watching the show for men, I would have to rate it at 7/10.

Next posts will be the other two shows my sister and I went to after the Menswear show.


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