09 December 2013

Blogger's United 6 Experience

One week before Blogger's United 6, different fashion bloggers and sponsors of BU6 are already giving away free passes on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. As, I so wanted to win free tix so that can lessen my expenses when BU comes, I grabbed all the chances I can get and joined the giveaways of the different bloggers who hosted their ticket giveaway, through their blog and twitter accounts. Fortunately, I won 14 tickets from 10 different bloggers and my problem came! Hahaha! Now to whom will I give and share the tickets?

I contacted my friends, cousins, and asked my sisters to come with me to BU6, and even told them to tag friends along if they can! And there, problem solved! :) Now, hello Blogger's United 6!

The event was fully participated by bloggers, fashionista's and families and friends of friends. As BU6 was happening alongside with the Noel Bazaar, long lines were really there to welcome you. In the event, you will see, booths with the bloggers themselves or their family and friends selling their items. The items were well discounted and you can even haggle on them if you can.

That Zebra over there really caught my attention to head to Reese Lansangan's booth! So sayang lang  the head is kind off cut off in this picture. :))

Can you spot Christine Liwag, Kelly Medina and Yuki Tansengco? :)

Why was BU6 so fun?? Let me count the ways... :))

  1. You get to see and meet bloggers and ask to have a photo with them.
  2. You get to by stuff for really cheap prices!
  3. There is an Instax booth there, where you can get your photo taken for free!
  4. Also, a Kotex and ETC channel booth that are giving away items for free.
  5. A MadHouse photo booth is up where you just have to pay 20 pesos for the printing.
  6. The bloggers and BU6 sponsors were giving away items and gift certificates to those who joined the games and won best in what-so-ever! hahaha
  7. There were good music playing on the background.
  8. Lastly, bagging loads of stuff is priceless!Hahaha!!~

So what did I do here? Of course! I can't miss going to an event like this with out taking photos with bloggers and the people I was with. And shop also while doing all these! :))

R-L: Me with, Camille Co, Raleene Cabrera, Laureen Uy, Ana Gonzales, Aivan Magno and A Magno, Mikyle Quizon, Vern Enciso, and Verniece Enciso

L-R: Me with Alyssa Lapid, Dominique Tui, Joanna Ladrido, Bjorn Bedayo, Maggie Wilson, birthday girl Arnie Villanueva, Kelly Medina, Aisa Ipac, Aivan Magno, and Joseph Cham

L-R: Me with, Kryz Uy, Betsie Konisis, Kookie Buhain, Gelo Arucan, Reese Lansangan, Bea Benedicto, Lissa Kahayon, Ava Te-Zabat, and Patricia Prieto

L-R: Me with, Cheyser Pedregosa, Krissy Cruz, Tracy Ayson, Paul Chuapoco, Dani Barretto, JP Singson, Tessie Singson (Lola Androgenous), and Sarah Tirona 

polaroid films taken in the event..

My sisters and the friends they brought along.

And.. not only was I able to get pictures with the bloggggers! I was also able to get "autographs" from them. ❤❤❤

And that's a wrap! LOL.. 
Next post up on the blog goes to the things I hoarded in BU6! ^-^

Peeps, always remember: Everyone loves you. 
Either they love you,, love you or they love to hate you! Hahaha!! :)


PS: Thank you to Hardy Araza whom I grabbed some of the photos from! :))

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