10 September 2014

A Cousin Coming Over

Normally, it is me who initiates a shoot from my relatives or my friends but this time around, it is my cousin. She came all the way from their house to ours to get us to dress her up with our clothes and do a photo shoot of her as my model.

To tell you the truth, if only I were a good photographer I would really love to take photographs of people. Most especially if the theme of the shoot was to make the model, model clothes or rather OOTD ones. I would normally get frustrated when the setting is not good, or the composition, or the poses. I get annoyed most especially when I know there is something wrong with the photo but I don't know how to fix it.

For this session with my cousin, I went YOLO. Since, people say we learn from our mistakes and practice makes perfect I took on the challenge not saying these things to her. Hahaha! Just hope she does not read this particular entry of my blog. 

 For the outfit we conjured for her, we opted to go with the black tank top she already had. The tartan skirt which was the only skirt that fitted her well, as we decided was her bottom. With these basics we moved on, we made her wear the denim jacket above the tanked top she was already wearing as she didn't wish to expose her arms as she noted they were kinda big. The bracelet she had on her was also hers, with her ponytail to go with the ensemble. For the shoes, those were the only ones she had with her. We can't actually lend her anything as she is bigger than us. Nevertheless, good thing everything seemed to be just right. 

Our parents were not home and they brought the car with them so we thought of doing the shoot at the garage. There was not were else we could think of where we could shoot so why not?

Opps, did I just say we didn't have any footwear for her to wear? Actually, we kind of did have but then since she was already tall she really insists not to wear heals. We actually asked her to try it once before and it magically fitted her. The shoe was big for me when I bought it. However, I found it easy to walk with, with it a bit spacious. Good thing it suited her outfit well.

Ok, ok. I know. Her face seems to always be blurred. To tell you the truth, it was near evening when we started the shoot as it was so hard to find stuff for her to wear. My eyes don't seem to be adjusted to the peep hole of the camera so I find it hard to focus. Truthfully, I think I have been focusing on the skirt she was wearing and not anywhere else. Sorry for that.

From street style to slight rock chick. I must say an outfit can really change with only a few things removed and replaced. Mix and matching is not really bad when you have so little in your closet or if you'd have to dress up every single day.

Eventually, after doing a couple of shots in the garage we went out to find another location where we can shoot. But the photos for that one, I shall not post anymore as they are too dark. It was already dark when we went out and the built-in flash in my camera was just not helping that much. Nevertheless, I think the shoot ended out well as my cousin had changed her profile picture in facebook the following day with one of the pics I took. 

Clothing yourself beautifully everyday is never bad. Not only in shoots and special occasions can we dress well, we can everyday.


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