10 September 2014

Before 2013 Ended

My friends and I decided to go out and try Enchanted Kingdom with our Professor slash thesis adviser. Even though my friends and I have tried going to Enchanted Kingdom a few times now on our own separate ways, our past professor, had confessed she has never entered the said amusement park so, we invited her to come with us. 

My friend with our prof. We were on the Anchor's Away and I was on the other end of the ship and had to use my 75-300mm lens and use some flash to take this. As you can see, bad exposure and the photo is blurred. It was already dark, around 6pm at that time so I had to take measures. LOL. 

 Another photo of my professor with my friend, Tine. That weird pose though. 

  Most of the rides had very long lines, so we were not able to ride so many. 

There were no photos of myself in my camera, but that's alright at least you got to see more or less what we did there. This was the last thing I did with my friends before the year ended. Christmas and Christmas eve of course, was spent with my family and other relatives at my grandmother's. No photos from our Christmas celebration though was taken from my camera, for all of the photographs were taken by my uncle who is in Singapore now. Only got to view them in his cam before they left.

Hope you also had end your year well.

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