10 September 2014

Bonding Time with Mom

Mom has been into fashion designing lately and their teacher decided for them to have some team building where they could tag their family along. My mom tagged me along with her for this as my sisters were not available, being so busy with their school works.

For the team building we went to a resort and golf course in Lipa. A photo diary would be the best way to tell you about what happened to that team building. 

My fave photo from all the photos I have taken in this trip.

The summer escape trip was fun to sum it all up. We were able to play, do relay games, swim, fish, and try golfing. The food prepared to us was really good, and I was able to meet new people and bond with them even for a short time. Not being able to go with my sisters and a trip with just me and my mom was something new for me as the both of us don't get to bond that much. It was an exciting experience and really unforgettable.


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