10 September 2014

Introductions to 2014

In my last post, last December, I said I'd post backlogs which never happened. I was just so caught up with deadlines to meet, finals, thesis, bonding with friends, events I had to organize, and all the what-so-evers. Now, I have finally graduated from school, last May, which was a long time ago I have now decided to comeback as I have seemed to have forgotten about my blog.

In the succeeding post, I shall be doing a recap on whatever happened during the 9 months I was gone. LOL. Such a long time to be on hiatus! Nevertheless, if you have been following me on twitter, my facebook (if you know my facebook), and my instagram you would have known most of the things I will be posting for today and for the whole week.

This post is just an introductory to what had happened to my 2014.

Meet you on my next post!

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