10 September 2014

It's Graduation Time!

It's graduation time, as my title says. Our thesis had been passed, no more completions to be fixed, everything was finished. Anyone can just be so happy, but not me. The feeling that you will leave school where you have been for four whole years, my friends and I taking separate ways (apart from the fact that we can meetup at times but not anymore everyday), looking for a job, and working with another set of people you would have to get to know and deal with, everything just would seem so different right after graduation.

The questions to each other would be different. Rather than, asking on assignments, if they did it or not, taking about school related affairs and future choices, it would all be changed by what's your job? Where have you applied? What do you do at your work? Thinking professionally, problems advanced to a next level. Applying for different ID's and account numbers, like SSS, Pag-ibig, PhilHealth, TIN, NBI, and all those sort.

By the moment we graduate we can say that, it is done. Another chapter has yet to be conquered. More problems to arise. We are adults now. These was my thinking before it really happened. The previous photos were from our graduation photo shoot backstage while preparing before we were photographed for real.

 Our baccalaureate mass. Sunday wears, it is.

Gifts, letters, invitations, program schedule, toga, and my pre-graduation photos. A big thanks to all the people who thought of me, even giving me well thought letters, and gifts.

 Then it was time to graduate. Photo just before we went down to start the program.

Another photo before we entered the hall. FAB, complete. Time to graduate! 

 After getting our "diploma", getting up the stage was not an option. Can you see our happy faces? That was just how we really all felt. 

 Le me, asking my sister to take a photo of myself with my diploma all because she was not able to reach the area by the time I was receiving it.

And of course, a photo with my mom who was very supportive of me all the way. Helping me out when I don't get something, giving her moral support when she can't really help, and financially funding me (LOL) when I needed, most especially while I was doing my thesis.

Also, big thanks to my dad who was there to always give guidance even if he is in another country and can't come home during my graduation. He was the reason my mom can fund me. (LOL) Anyhow, thank you, thank you for always being virtually there. You know what I mean. 

Another chapter of my life starts! Hope yours too, and make sure to rock it!

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