10 September 2014

Night of the College: The Shoot and the Real Thing

Our CAS week was fast approaching and things had to be done. As the secretary for information and communication of the student council there were lots of things to be finished. One of the events given to me was the closing main event, the CAS night. 

Since the event had to be promoted somehow, aside from posters made and online posts, my partners and I thought of producing a promotional video that would be seen in the campus' lobby and allowed to be shared in social media accounts of the school.

Photo by "Sir Paeng"
  The plan to the video was to give the students an idea of what they could wear to the party and invite them to come. Here were some of the behind-the-scene shots I took while the photographer and models did their work.

Only very few photos from the BTS, as I was fixing the clothes and accessories the models were going to wear. After the shoot with the models we decided to get ourselves photographed too, as the shoot had finished early. The borrowing of the equipment were also not yet due to be returned. 

 Le me goofing around. Was included in the shoot because they said my outfit could also pass the "Glam Rock" theme, which I felt half-hearted about.

 Wii! Love the effects of the diva lights. 

With my friend who eventually had become my professor in 3d. Hello there!

Since, I was the organizer for the event I had to make sure the program was executed well. So, since that was the case taking pictures of the event was never an option for me. Photo above was the only photo we had all together for all of us were busy with the program. My friends and I were actually all part of the council which was kinda rough because we had to do our job first before we can even party for the night. 

In the picture though, only two of those girls were not part of the council. So, you can more or less guess how busy all of us were, most especially me because I was the head for this event. The event may not have run smoothly but good thing it ended well and praises were given, at least! Actually, I was wearing brown boots with 4-inch heels before the program started but running from point to point, I figured it was not advisable so I changed to flats. Good thing I asked my sister to bring me flats, and good thing she stayed and dressed up for the event to help me.

Do you also enjoy lights, shoots, music, and parties? I do! 
This was the best. If I were to repeat or is asked to do something like this again, I would definitely do it.

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