10 September 2014

Paskong Bedista

You might be wondering Bedista? Beda? If you are from the Philippines, you might have known the school San Beda. If you have been reading my blog too in the past or personally know me, you also might have known that I study in Malayan Colleges Laguna and not in San Beda. So why Beda?

Actually, my sisters are from San Beda College Alabang and they have invited me to come to their school's Christmas concert which is open to outsiders. The ticket I got was free, I was available for the night, why not right? 

Wii! And Up Dharma Down and Urbandub were in the list plus Joyce Pring! I just had to see her live and get a good photograph with her, another good reason to come. Just a series of photos from the event...

Silent Sanctuary was the first band we heard when we came to the place. We were too late to see the start of the program. I actually wanted to hear what music Hidden Nikki played but then, I can't do anything. Being late is being late.

 A photo with my sister Geli. (I look so pale here, and chubby too. Harhar.)

  My sister Pauline. 

Yolanda Moon soon came up. Kinda good music but really not my thing. I was outside of the barricade when I shot these photos because I was buying food by this time. Good thing I had my 75-300mm lens with me to use. I had no worries being far from the stage.

Then, Joyce Pring came out, that's the story. The crowd went kinda wild and the front became so jam packed than when the bands were just playing. Do you see what's written on that ipad? Of course, Joyce had to entertain the people before the next band came up which is URBANDUB!! 

I was not able to get to take good shots of the band for, watching them was the only thing I had in my mind. (hahaha!) As you can see, there were lots of people. Good thing I got media passes to get to the VIP area and get the best seat there was left.

Joyce who had already changed into the Bedan jacket came out right after the band played. All perspired and in her pinkish red cheeks, she still had to go to the audience and entertain to get the bands time for their set-up. Look at how red she is! Nevertheless, the last band was up to play. UP DHARMA DOWN!!! Whippy!

That red and black keyboard of Armi Millare is very distinct. Whenever, I see that, I would automatically say it would be her playing. The concert ended right after they played a few songs for the rector president of the school had placed a time limit up to when the concert can only be, unfortunately we were already on overtime. But good enough, staying right after the benefit concert was good enough as my sister and I were given the chance to have a photo with JOYCE PRING!!!!! Just super love it.

The picture may be a bit blurred but I don't care! As long as I was able to get close to her, and I was able to get a pic with her.

Getting a photo with Armi was of course a big deal too. I have been able to go to different concerts that they have been playing at though, never have I gotten the chance to take a photo with her. Good thing I really had my sisters with me and that they had passes at times like this in their school. They are both editors in SBCA's school newspaper, that was why.

Where you also able to attend this benefit concert I was taking about?  

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