10 September 2014

The Farm

For my relatives and my family, ever since we went to the farm of my Lola Liza it has already been somewhat like a tradition to drop by her farm whenever we go to Batangas. Nope it is not November 1. If in case you might have remembered in my past posts that we went a couple of times there on a November because we had to visit the cemetery which was in Batangas.

Going there that time was because my other Lola's sisters were leaving to another country and they just wanted to conduct a get together. Since, us kids had gotten used to when elders do their talk we would just sit somewhere a bit far and not butt-in to their conversations. So, even before we went to the farm my cousins and I have already decided to do a little photo shoot with the trees there. 

 This are my sisters and my cousin trying to monopod an SLR.

 My sister sitting prettily on the chair, just so fun to take photos of her. 

 My other cousin, she looks good with the ribbon on, don't you think?

 My favourite subject, my sister Pauline. 

 My outfit for the day. 

 There seems to be something wrong with how I wore what I wore. Hahaha! Also, how my legs are positioned. But who cares? 

 And there my sister strikes! The forever photobomb. Making her own poses as if she was the one being taken. Anyway, the photo looks good so why not? 

 My cousins trying the trees. NOTE: I had suggested they go up the tree and pose there. LOL.

  Another note: The tree branch they were sitting on is high. Like about 5 feet. Next picture shows.

 That pose where, pretend I can't hear. 

Every time we go to this farm, we always end up happy. Happy because we are fed good food, the view of the place is fantastic and most of all, it is cold and has fresh air.

Do you have a place to go to that is somewhat like this?
I hope you do, share it to me! :)

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